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Conceived and brought to life by Chicago legends Helmut Jahn and Kara Mann, 1000M is a true masterwork, deftly contrasting the elegance of an ultra-modern polished glass and steel exterior with the warmth of its residentially-inspired, custom-tailored interiors.

Perspective elevation sketch

“It All
Begins with

—Helmut Jahn


Portrait of Helmut Jahn


Envisioned by the late legendary architect Helmut Jahn, and realized by the studio carrying on his name and legacy, 1000M marks the last residential tower by Helmut. Jahn has been called Chicago’s premiere architect who has dramatically changed the face of Chicago and has led to commissions across the US, Europe, Africa, and Asia. JAHN/ buildings have received numerous design awards and have been represented in architectural exhibits around the world.


Jahn/ sought inspiration from the site’s position at the intersection of nature and city. The east and west facades converge at sharp edges on the northeastern and southwestern corners, while the opposing corners resolve into soft curves.


The north and south building façades reflect interlocking triangles, which move in distinct planes away from each other along a shared diagonal seam that runs up the entire tower.


A playful grouping of organic curves and angled corners mimics the silhouette of the building while creating warm, personal living spaces.


The north and south building facades reflect interlocking triangles, which move in distinct planes away from each other along a shared diagonal seam that runs up the entire tower.


50 West

United Terminal

Thompson Center

City Spire

Veers Towers

Sony Forum

Sony Center

Interior Design

Portrait of Kara Mann

Kara Mann

Kara Mann brings with her over 20 years of experience designing high-end residential and commercial spaces. Mann is renowned for creating interiors that are illustrative of how life should be lived. Her approach finds the perfect juxtapositions between classic and contemporary, and beauty and functionality.


Gold Coast Residence

Gold Coast Residence

Rockit Bar & Grill

SoHo Duplex

Nantucket Residence

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